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Common Questions

How quickly can I get in to see an attorney?

We usually can accommodate both new and existing clients in a very timely manner and normally we will schedule them to meet with an attorney within a week or less of the call requesting an appointment. Because of the number of attorneys we have it is not difficult to schedule a suitable time even for urgent matters. It is a rare occasion when an appointment would be scheduled further out than one week.

Do you offer free consultations?

The initial consultation is a very useful tool for all clients, regardless of whether they end up needing to actually retain the attorney for further work. At that first meeting the client is provided with expert advice on their full range of options, individual to their particular legal matter. The experience and expertise of our attorneys is an excellent resource from which clients can benefit greatly from the first meeting, setting them on a path toward the best possible option or resolution of their unique legal matter.

Our attorneys do not usually offer free consultations. However, there are some limited cases for which there often is no charge. For example, there is normally no charge for a consultation with an attorney regarding a personal injury or wrongful death matter. In general, for other matters, clients should expect to be charged at the attorney’s hourly rate from the time of their first meeting. Our attorneys’ rates vary based on their experience and practice areas, so please contact our office directly for additional information.

Where can I go for free or low cost legal advice?

There are a number of resources available to help people with lower income be able to access legal assistance. Lane County Legal Services Programs(also known as Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center) and Legal Aid Services of Oregon offer multiple means of assistance.

The Oregon State Bar is another good resource for people looking for help with a legal matter. The OSB maintains a Lawyer Referral Service program which offers a low cost initial consultation. The OSB also offers a “Modest Means Program” in which attorneys agree to assist clients at a reduced fee. The telephone number for the Oregon State Bar is (800) 452.7636.

What is a conflict check?

The Oregon State Bar requires all attorneys to determine whether they may have a conflict of interest prior to meeting with a new client and before we can proceed with a new case. What this means is that we must review our internal records to rule out any potential conflict of interest before the client can meet with the attorney. It also means that we must have enough information (legal names, including former and/or alternate names are best) on all persons involved in the legal matter, to be able to sufficiently make the conflict determination. This does not generally cause any delay in scheduling an appointment and there is no charge to the client for the conflict check. Usually a potential client will receive a return call the same day informing them whether or not a conflict was discovered.

How much does it cost to get a divorce, prepare a will, incorporate my business, etc.?

Our attorneys charge an hourly rate for their services. Each case is unique and must be evaluated as such. Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis. During our initial conference with you we will discuss our fees and costs and explain billing procedures. At that time an attorney may be able to give a general idea of what to expect in the way of costs. The cost of legal services can be high and we are sensitive to that. We are committed to working with our clients in the most cost effective manner possible.

What can I expect at my first meeting?

This first meeting is the opportunity for the attorney and client to become acquainted with each other and to form the basis for a successful working relationship. This will help the client make the important decision whether they wish to work with our firm. It is helpful if a client brings any and all information or documents related to their legal matter to the initial consultation.

The initial consultation is also the best time to ask the attorney about expected fees and costs. The attorney will inform the client as to whether a retainer payment will be required and, if so, the amount of retainer required to commence work on the case.

What is a contingent fee and how does it work?

A contingent fee means that we will be paid only if we obtain money for the client. If we are unable to recover any money in the case then the client is under no obligation to pay attorney fees. However, if we must pay for costs directly associated with the case (such as investigators, court fees, witness fees, etc.) the client will be responsible for paying those costs.

Only certain cases are accepted on a contingent fee basis and even then it is on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the attorney. Generally only personal injury or wrongful death cases are accepted on a contingent fee basis. However, in some circumstances there may be other cases accepted on this basis as well. Please contact our firm directly to find out whether or not your case may be eligible for this arrangement.

What is your rate of success?

Our rate of success for our clients is excellent. We achieve a very high level of satisfactory results for our clients. Our attorneys and staff work hard every day to achieve the best possible results for our clients. What that successful result is depends entirely on the particular situation of each individual client. Our success is demonstrated by the large number of long-time clients working with our attorneys, clients who turn to our firm whenever they find themselves in need of legal advice and assistance.


“I can confidently state he is an outstanding lawyer. …focused on practical and efficient legal outcomes. His legal work is excellent.”

Scott H.Opposing attorney

“Everett is a class act. …Everett is straight forward and honest. He doesn’t play games with you or your emotions.”


“I came to Frank for help with a complicated divorce involving complicated business difficulties. I really needed professional advice. Frank has been from the beginning upfront. I was really impressed by his advice.”


“Amazing to work with! His first concern was about doing what was best for my son…. He was very honest and forthcoming about the law and the process, what I could do on my own and what he could do.”


“Liam is professional and yet easy to talk to about your issues… office staff is also professional, responsive and very helpful.”