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Government Agency Law

We represent individuals and businesses before city, county and state government agencies (including special districts) on a range of legal issues such as:

  • Siting of public facilities (e.g., electrical substations)
  • Representing permit applications
  • Representing neighbor opponents
  • Acting as special counsel on LUBA appeals
  • Processing City and district boundary changes
  • Resolving toxic contamination cleanup issues
  • Handling wetlands and other natural resource matters
  • Resolving land use and building code issues, such as plan amendments, zone changes, permits
  • Responding to government enforcement actions
  • Ballot title challenges and initiatives
  • Public records and public meetings

Our attorneys work regularly with:

  • City councils and County Boards of Commissioners
  • City and County Planning commissions and Hearings Officials
  • ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) regarding access and planning
  • LUBA (Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals)
  • DEQ (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)
  • DSL (Oregon Department of State Lands), as to wetland permits
  • Other agencies granting permits and rulings that affect individuals and businesses.

Our attorneys use their experience and practical understanding of public law to assist clients in dealing with all levels of local and state government, including influencing rule making, representation before administrative and regulatory bodies, and court challenges to governmental action. We also assist with regulatory, administrative and legislative affairs affecting businesses.

Attorneys Practicing in Government Agency Law Include:

Andrea D. Coit
Zack P. Mittge
Laura T. Z. Montgomery
William H. Sherlock


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