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Practice Areas

Each attorney in our firm has a practice emphasis in several areas of the law. When specialized expertise is needed, your lawyer has access to other attorneys within the firm to provide you with thorough and sound advice in a wide range of areas. In addition, our firm has the legal talent and experience to handle civil litigation matters in all areas indicated.

  • Government Agency Law
    Boundary Changes, Permit Applications, LUBA Appeals, Natural Resource Matters
  • Real Estate Law
    Buying and Selling of Property, Landlord/Tenant Issues, Property Disputes
  • Trademark and Copyright Law
    Trademark and Copyright Applications, Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Employment Law
    Employee Matters, Wage and Hour Laws, Leave Laws, Disability Laws
  • Mediation
    Divorce, Parenting Issues, Employment Issues, Real Property Disputes
  • Construction Law
    Bid and Contract Negotiation, Enforcement of Construction Liens, CCB Claims


“I can confidently state he is an outstanding lawyer. …focused on practical and efficient legal outcomes. His legal work is excellent.”

Scott H.Opposing attorney

“Everett is a class act. …Everett is straight forward and honest. He doesn’t play games with you or your emotions.”


“I came to Frank for help with a complicated divorce involving complicated business difficulties. I really needed professional advice. Frank has been from the beginning upfront. I was really impressed by his advice.”


“Amazing to work with! His first concern was about doing what was best for my son…. He was very honest and forthcoming about the law and the process, what I could do on my own and what he could do.”


“Liam is professional and yet easy to talk to about your issues… office staff is also professional, responsive and very helpful.”