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Real Estate

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of real estate matters and have worked with many different clients, from individuals to small businesses and corporations, to assist with their real estate needs in Oregon.

Typical Issues / Cases Handled

We assist our clients with a broad range of real estate issues, including:

  • Buying and selling of commercial, investment, private, and other types of property
  • Negotiating and resolving property disputes with neighbors (such as boundary line disputes and easement or access disputes)
  • Dealing with all aspects of landlord/tenant relationships including preparing lease agreements, advising parties on respective rights and responsibilities, and dealing with breach of agreements, and evictions.
  • Preparing commercial leases and foreclosures
  • Litigation of real estate matters
  • Representation of homeowners associations in all areas of association business.

The experience of our attorneys in real estate provides our clients with the expertise required to address their individual needs. Our years of experience mean that no matter the type of real property issue, we help our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

We work with realtors, surveyors and other real estate professionals all across Oregon on a regular basis. Maintaining these professional relationships helps us more successfully help our clients attain the results they desire.


“I can confidently state he is an outstanding lawyer. …focused on practical and efficient legal outcomes. His legal work is excellent.”

Scott H.Opposing attorney

“Everett is a class act. …Everett is straight forward and honest. He doesn’t play games with you or your emotions.”


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“Amazing to work with! His first concern was about doing what was best for my son…. He was very honest and forthcoming about the law and the process, what I could do on my own and what he could do.”


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